As an In The Gap Ministry Comrade Partner, you literally take a united stand with us to bombard
Heaven and  to storm the gates of Hell!  A Comrade is a friend, companion, or an acquaintance, who
joins forces with another for a common cause to effect changes in the lives of those we all encounter in
the world in which we all live.  Say you’ll agree to becoming spiritually-connected to this ministry by:

In turn, our ministerial staff and leaders vows to ……

We vow to stay committed to God and a greater study of His Word in an effort to bring you anointed
teachings that will empower you and your life!

But wait a minute!  Your benefits will not stop there!  You’ll receive a certificate of comradeship--
personally hand-stamped with our official and most unique seal--as a token and a daily reminder of
your spiritual connection to this ministry and its leaders.  You will also receive a binder to track and
maintain all of your ITG teachings and ministry tools.  Enclosed in your binder, you will find a daily
bible reading and devotional guide, along with a section for your personal study notes.  All materials
will be 3-hole punched and ready to save in your ITG Comradery Partner Word Binder.

So again, say you’ll support ITG Ministry and Missions by selecting one fo the following:

Yes! I accept the invitation to become a full-fledged Comrade Partner of In The Gap Ministry and
Missions!  I definitely want to help this ministry do all God has charged it to do, in efforts that the
message of Jesus Christ and the power of the cross is proclaimed throughout and around the

I am sowing a gift of:   $5          $10          $15          $20           (other)       Enter amount $  
                 weekly          bi-weekly          monthly          annually

No!  I can’t accept the invitation to become a full-fledged Comrade of In The Gap Ministry and
Missions at this time.  However, I will pray for this ministry and all that God charges it.  I will at this
time, sow a one-time seed of :  $

      Please take the time to fill out your contact information so
     that you may receive your ITG welcome & thank you letter.

“Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus….”(Col.3:17)

Thank you for your time and your consideration of this call to support the work of God!

Always remaining,
In The Gap Ministry & Missions

PS Remember this! Your Comradery will allow us to preach and teach God’s Word, procure and
maintain more radio broadcasts, and to continue to erect more tents through our WOTC Crusade
Mission (Working Outside The Church Crusade)….all efforts to reach the lost at any cost!

PHONE (optional)
And this stone,
which I have set for
a pillar, shall be
God's house: and of
all that thou shalt
give me I will surely
give the tenth unto
Genesis 28:22
-pray for you and your household with fervency
-lift up Christ, by lifting up your name as we break bread (communion) on behalf of
you and your needs (according to 1Cor.11:33)                                                       
“For if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me!”
-provide you with ministerial teachings and monthly letters of admonishment
-to be on 24hr stand-by to take your needs before the throne of God
(when you dial: 888-N-THE-GAP or 770-507-7888).
-your continual prayers for us
-your continual prayers that God would open unto us, more doors
of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ
-your continual prayers and support of In The Gap Ministry & Missions
as our God provides, allows, and as an unction of the                   
-Holy Spirit!…But whatsoever you do… all to the glory of God (1Cor.10:31).
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