Aims, Missions, Outreaches,
& Accomplishments        

In The Gap’s first and greatest challenge has been an in-house prayer and request phone line.  In The
Gap has been assigned to be on call for God and God’s people.  In The Gap realizes that our
adversary never sleeps and is ever working...for that matter, God’s people need to always be ever-
ready by being on guard, armed, and willing to man our stations as warring intercessors!  The phone
line is just another avenue whereas, the people of God (i.e. destitute, cast aways, lost, hurting,
depressed, suicidal, dying, etc.) will hear of a Savior, His love, and His death.  One of In The Gap’s
prayers is that people will not let the time of day or night prevent them from calling the phone line.  In
The Gap believes that every person called, chosen, and anointed by and for God’s purpose, should
be willing and always ready to do the work and will of God to win souls for the kingdom.  If one can
pull a 40hr/shift on a job, in the worldly system, then just as much, if not more, should be done for the
Kingdom of God.   Therefore, In The Gap vows to be on stand- by as much as God permits.  For this
shall accomplish that, which it was sent to do (Isa. 55: 11). He will surely make all the crooked places
straight, thereby, providing ways for In The Gap to meet the needs of as many as possible.

In July of 2004, In The Gap launched their Extended Hands Care Mission.  The Extended Hands Care
Mission has been tagged with God’s desires to work in us and through us, for His people.  The
Extended Hands Care Mission goes the “extra mile.”  It is God’s gracious, most precious hands that
works through the leaders of In The Gap Ministry and its affiliates to support families that have
suffered the loss of loved ones and/or families of one who have been left with a disability and/or a
misfortune. The Extended Hands Care Mission goes places where many won’t go and does what
many won’t do! In The Gap believes that the Extended Hands Care Mission is simply an extension of
God’s hands to comfort , provide hope, and relief to His people, through His appointed people.  God
desires His kingdom be done on earth as it is in heaven!…And so it is!  God has delegated authority
to In The Gap Ministry to help lift the heads, the countenances, and the spirits of those in despair
through this Extended Hands Care Mission.

In The Gap has developed  WOTC (Working Outside The Church) Crusade.  WOTC is an outreach
which serves the communities with an additional means to seek God and all He has to offer.  We
realize many people have been turned off from the traditional “in-house church setting.”  Many,
unfortunately, will not enter in a traditional church building for an array of reasons.  Nevertheless,
WOTC takes the church to the people and to the streets.  Men, women, boys, and girls need to know
that God loves them so much, that He will not allow for everyone to box Him in a church house.  He is
allowing for the men and women of In The Gap Ministry  to bring Him to the streets through the
WOTC's tent revivals and camp meetings.

In The Gap provides literature and monthly teachings for believers.  Of course these teachings are to
further equip and encourage the Christian’s experience.

Through the aforementioned missions and outreaches, In The Gap has touched countless lives in the
community by lending helping hands to many outside ministries, missions, and outreaches.  This
ministry has sown into the lives of many by supporting feeding programs, and homeless shelters.
Truly, God has made it possible for In The Gap to stand with and for the lost and hurting during their
times of grief and despair.

In The Gap Ministry will be used of God to show forth the love and compassion Jesus practiced while
here on earth.  In conjunction with the preaching and teaching of God’s word, In The Gap Ministry will
seek to provide for the needs of God’s children.  It is apparent that In The Gap will not feed, clothe,
shelter, and monetarily bless everyone on earth.  However, In The Gap will provide for as many
persons as God will order and allow it to.  In The Gap Ministry will also seek to continue to visit and
minister to those in nursing homes, correctional facilities, and infirmaries.  Any monies generated by,
for, and/or through In The Gap Ministry will be for such purposes and the like.  Nonetheless, In The
Gap is open and is willing to accept even deeper depths and higher heights concerning other
directions for what God desires it to DO AND TO GO…And as it stands, In The Gap is continuing to
make great strides for the sake of the Gospel.

"We've Made Ourselves Servant To All That We May Gain The More......
....... And This We Do For The Gospel's Sake".......( 1 Cor 9:19 & 23 )