You Have A Special Delivery!!!

Scriptures of Concentration:  Exodus 16:9-18
                              Ecclesiastes 3:1,6
                              I Peter 5:6-7
                              Jeremiah 38:6,11-13


When we think of a “special delivery” we think of an awaited gift or reward of some type.  We
tend to be overly excited when we find out that we have a “special delivery.”  We are either eager
to rush home or to go to the postal service to lay hold of this “special delivery.”  Why are those
two words so exciting to many people?  For we do know, that every special delivery is not always
wanted, and for that fact, they become a “not-so special delivery!”  Among some of the most “not-
so special deliveries” are certified notices:  evictions, court summons, divorce papers, repossessions
and unsolicited materials and/or products. Now, for the most part, special deliveries seem to come
at an appointed time. Most importantly, the sender is the one who really knows to whom, where,
and approximately how long it will take for this delivery to be sent.  Without the sender being in
place and assuming his/her role, the recipient will continue to sit, pace the floor, murmur, gripe,
become frustrated, and/or make frequent calls to see if the sender is manning his station.  
Moreover, the recipient shows a great deal of impatience.  The recipient doesn’t even realize that
he/she wastes precious time and energy by reacting as such.  For in actuality, it never really speeds
up the status of the special delivery.  My friend, of course you can look at this from a very natural
and practical standpoint.  However, we need to examine  
SPECIAL DELIVERIES  from a spiritual


In Exodus 16, the bible records a portion of an account of the children of Israel.  This is after the
Israelites cross the Red Sea.  They are in the wilderness.  There in this desert, the children of Israel
began complaining and murmuring to Moses and Aaron.  The children of Israel even began to say
that they wished the Lord had killed them in Egypt when they lived where could eat all the food
(bread/meat) they wanted.  They went on to say that God brought them to the wilderness to
starve…see Ex16:2-3
But here’s the thing, of course we know God did not drive His chosen to the wilderness to die of
hunger.  He simply wanted to show His Sovereignty.  God simply wants people, His chosen, to
know Who He Is, and Who they serve.  God wants us to know that He’s God, and He is God all
by Himself, and there is no other! He plagued the Egyptians so that they will know that He was still
the only God they need serve.  God provided for the children of Israel for the selfsame thing…  
God wanted and still wants people to recognize and revere Him as their One and Only, True and
Living, God.

As the account of this chapter unfolds, we find that God sent the children of Israel a “special
delivery” of meat (quails) and bread (manna).  It is assumed that they had never seen anything like
it before (v15).  Nevertheless, in spite of their murmurings, God not only supplied their need.  But
God provided for their desires to have meat and bread.  Moses declared:
“This is the bread which
the Lord hath given you to eat.” (v15)

We sometimes wonder how God could continue to come to the Israelites rescue….And quite
frankly, God sees us in the same manner in which He seeks to shower us with special things!  
Continue to live for Him, and be considered, God’s just!  For it is the wicked who is snared by the
transgression of his lips: but
the just shall come out of trouble. ( Pro 12:13)

Friend, you must know that waiting on God is an art! It takes much knowledge, practice,
consistency, patience, zeal, diligence, and passion just to name a few.  We implore any man,
woman, boy, and girl to seek to grasp the true meaning of what the preacher states in Ecclesiastes
v1. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: v6.  A
time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

Let us look quickly at Jeremiah and his “special delivery.”  Your Bible records persecution and
imprisonment for the Prophet Jeremiah.  This was the same man that said that the Word of God
was like “fire shut-up in his bones.” (Jer.20:9) Although this man of God was filled with the “word
of fire,” the devil had not ceased to aim his fiery darts!  Jeremiah had been literally sentenced to
die in a dungeon.  Just digress a bit!  A dungeon is normally wet and/or damp, muddy, musty, and
full of frogs.  Of course, there had been no food or water down there.  But Glory be to God!  God
sent a special delivery.  In fact, Jeremiah had two deliveries.  For God had sent a mere man with a
“heart” and some old moldy, rotten cloths.  The Bible declares that Jeremiah “sunk in the mire.”
(38:6)  however, God used this Ethiopian eunuch and the old cloths to deliver Jeremiah. (38:11-13)

We make mention of Jeremiah to convey just how important it is for us to remain faithful to the
cause of Christ.  Knowing that our Heavenly Father has our best interests and is always looking out
for us.  We must truly recognize and understand that God really sends our deliverance on time!  
God is never a second too early or a minute too late!  We as believers must continue to be
steadfast and unmovable in our faith.  For He is the author and finisher of our faith. (Heb 12:2)  
We must
remain humble in His presence.  For the word of God declares, ….“He may exalt you in
due time.” (I Pet 5:6)  

Beloved, be encouraged!  He knows you!  He knows all about your circumstances!  Most
importantly, He knows how to make timely shipments of “special deliveries.”….. And He has
something with your name on it!  Spare yourself the unnecessary aggravation!  Why waste time,
energy, and sleep?  Everything is in His hands.  Time, your circumstance, YOU, and your
breakthrough are all in God’s hands.  So just, began Praising Him Now!  Don’t wait for ‘it’ to
show up!  If you can’t phantom this, just praise Him for being the Author of time and the
Omniscient-the One and Only who knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE and
EVERYTHING!  Cast your care upon the Lord, for He does cares for you!(I Pet5:7)….And He
NEVER leave YOU nor forsake YOU! (Deut 31:6; Heb 13:5)….And remember, no good thing
will He withhold from those who walk uprightly! (Ps 84:11)

Other Noted “Special Deliveries”
Sarah and Abraham (Gen 17:21;18:14;21:1-2)
Daniel, in the pit of lions (6:21)
Jonah, in the belly of a fish (2:1-2,10)
Woman with infirmity for 18yrs. (Lk13:11-13)
Woman with an issue for 12yrs (Matt 9:20)
Man at the pool of Bethesda (Jn5:3-9)
Job’s loss and restoration (Chapters 1, 2, and 42:10,12-16)
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