What Is The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit?

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is an endowment of power.  Jesus charged the disciples go and tarry in
Jerusalem.  They were to tarry for the “Promise” of the Father, who was the Holy Ghost, better
known as the Holy Spirit.   (see Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4-5,8)  Jesus said it this way:  
“And, behold, I
send the promise of my Father upon you:  but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued
with power from on high.”

This “Power” the disciples were to                                                                                                 
be endued with is an inherent power.  If we understood the origin of this word, we may better
comprehend why this Holy Spirit is so necessary for the lives of every believer.  In the red-lettered
text above, the word, “power” means “dunamis.”  It is a power that has the ability to reproduce
itself.  Here is where we arrived at our English word,
dynamo.  We could not have a better
description for the Holy Spirit.  It is “dynamite!”  The Holy Spirit in a sense, can explode in the lives
of the believer and have an immense impact in the world….Not only
can the Holy Spirit explode, but
the Holy Spirit
will explode….if only we can get the believer to know what they truly have access to
and the ability to possess, demonstrate, bind, and unleash….It really remains to be seen what the life
of one consecrated, Baptized, Holy Spirit-filled, believer can do….because of this endowment of the
Father’s precious Holy Spirit!  

You do understand, that an endowment is sort of like dowry, passed on, from generation to
generation.  Think on the more typical times when a woman married.  She would receive dowry not
solely from her family, but she would receive property and/or money from the man she married.  
Friend, this is all the Father wants for you!…He wants you betrothed to His Son….And He wants to
shower you with the dowries (power from on High/eternal life and riches) of the Holy Spirit!  Forget
the “something blue, something borrowed, and the something new!”  The King of Glory, the King of
Kings, my Heavens, the Lord of lords wants to be your bridegroom!!!! He wants to clothe you and
array you….He wants every eye to see that you are His and He is yours!  

The power of the Holy Spirit is to enable the believer to do the works of Christ (see Luke 24:49).  
Yes, the disciples were promised and later given this power.(John 14; Mark 16:17-18; Acts 1:4-8)  
However, the Holy Spirit is available to all those who desire of it (Luke 11:13).

Meet the Conditions:

*We must first “believe” on Him (Jesus) as the scripture says.  We must walk according to His
statutes (Mt28:20; Mk16:15-20; Lk24:49; Acts1:4-8; 5:32)  For, out of the believer, the flow of
power to do the works of Christ we believe, would truly be unlimited.

We must “Come Unto Him” and surrender ourselves and our lives completely to Him, that we
may do the will of God (Is.55:1; Mt.11:28-30; 1Jn1:7) which He purposed for us as we continue to
be enlightened.  As we are enlightened,
WE MUST depart from iniquity, (2Tm2:19; Ps.34:14; Pr.3:7;
16:6,17)  come out, be separate, and touch not the unclean thing, that He may receive you unto
Himself (2Cor.6:18-19).

We must have a “thirst for Him”, a craving, and a passion for Him.  We believe God wants every
to long to have an intimate relationship with His Son and to be in complete union the
Godhead, having the fullness of the Spirit (Ps42:2; 63:1; 143:6; Is41:17; 44:3).

We must “eat and drink of Him.”  The word tells us that He is the living bread, living manna that
came from Heaven (Jn6:48-58).  Eat of His word…Drink in His presence.  Jesus declares,
words I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.”
(Jn.6:63)  Proverbs 4:22 tells us that the
word is
life and health to all our flesh.  Why not eat and drink of Him?  Allow the word of God to
soothe your inner-most pain, fill your empty belly with living waters (Jn.7:38) and quench your thirst
for peace and contentment. Allow the very presence of God to come and dwell in you so richly, that
loneliness won’t stand a chance!  The Holy Spirit wants to come in and dine with you.  He wants to
saturate your dry-soul with wells springing up with everlasting water.  What a refreshing!  So let your
heart and soul long to be flooded with the overflowing stream of gifts, fruit, operations, demonstration
of the Holy Spirit (Study: 1Cor.12:4-13; Gal.5:22-23; Rev. 22:17).  Once God fills one with the Holy
Spirit, we believe it is that believer’s belly, that will house a flood-tide of living water (Jn.7:37-38).  
The following scriptures are must read:  Ps31:9; Pr.18:8; 20:27.  This overflow of rivers of living
water is a constant flow of the Holy Spirit.  We believe it is a supply given without measure which
Christ, Himself experienced (Jn.3:34-35).  But we must continue to eat and drink of Christ that we
may learn how to operate, live, breathe, and move in the Holy Spirit!

When Is The Holy Spirit Received?

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is possible at conversion (ex. Paul in the Book of Acts 9:17-18).  Baptism
in the Holy Spirit is also possible long after one’s conversion; as in the case of the disciples at
Pentecost  (Acts 2:11), the Samaritans (Acts 8:12-23), the Ephesians (Acts 19:1-7).

Christ died that through Him we might receive the “Promise” through faith (Gal.3:13-14).  
Nevertheless, you can and shall have the Holy Spirit, given that you meet the conditions and continue
to believe on Christ the Son.
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Now the word “endued” connotes the following:  (Lat.) to
lead; (Gr.) enduo, to put on, to be clothed with, to be clothed
in, be arrayed in; to give somebody or something quality.