Your Sanctification

Sanctification or “to sanctify,” is better known as “separation.”  It is separation unto God
“from” a profane, secular, and carnal use “to” a more sacred, religious, and/or spiritual use.  
To sanctify also means to “consecrate” wholly unto God, for His service (see Job 1:5; Josh.3:5; I
Thess.5:23).  We must note for clarification and enlightenment, that sin is not necessarily
involved in sanctification, due to the fact that the word means the “setting apart” of a person,
place, or thing(s).

If sin isn’t involved in the person or the thing to be set apart, then no sin is going to be
cleansed in this process of setting apart.  But if sin and filth are involved in a person or the
material things to be set apart for Holiness (i.e. Clothes, furniture, a day, tabernacle, houses,
etc.) then such must be dealt with in order to make “it” presentable unto God (see
sanctification of the firstborn unto God: Ex.13:1,11-12; Lev.27:26; Nu.3:40;8:16;Dt.15:19;26:1).  
Although the primary meaning of sanctification is “separation” it is not all inclusive.  Nor is
the word “sanctification” exclusively pinned with being characterized as “making something
holy.”  For in Ex.13:1,11-16 the firstling is not a product of sin nor does it have to be cleansed
of imputed sin.  
Quick Note:  Material things such as clothes, furniture, a day, the tabernacle,
houses, and holy persons that are not sinful or that have had no old man in them, can be and
have been sanctified without having sinned and without the “need” for cleansing due to sin
being involved!   (see again Ex.13; 29:43 thru 30:29; Lev.8:10-15;
Priests’ garments: Lev.8:30
Offerings: Ex.29:27  Holy persons: see God the Father in Lev.10:3;Nu.20:13; Ezk.36:23;
Christ the Son in Jn.10:36; 17:17-19;
The Seventh Day: Gen.2:3-4)  Sanctification means “to
make holy” only when the person, place, or thing (to be sanctified) needs to be “cleansed”
from sin or defilement.  Hereby, the presentation would be more pleasing unto God and fit for
His service!

When we speak of “sanctification,” we automatically think of the removal of sin or our old
nature the “old man….” And we believe this is necessary in order for us to take on
holiness…And it is so! However, scriptures such as Exodus 13:1,12 and many others in the
OT, makes no reference to cleansing from sin or the removal of what we call our old nature,
commonly known as the “old man.”  This scripture is basically setting apart of the firstborn of
both man and beast for holy uses (read and study Ex.13:2,12-13; Dt.15:19;  see also Nu.18:8,
15).  Any unclean beasts or firstborn of asses were to be redeemed by a lamb!

The initial use of the word proves that sanctification means “separation” from a profane use,
to a sacred purpose, and that it is not limited to the question regarding sin (Gen.2:1-4)  The
second use of the word, “sanctification” is in Job 1:5.  This scriptural reference shows Job
setting aside “time” and sacrifices before God in efforts that God would have mercy on his
children.  Job’s efforts did not protect or even spare his children from physical death.  There isn’
t only scriptural reference noting that Job’s children were cleansed from sin due to his sacrifices
to set himself, his own mind, and time aside in offerings.  Job said, “It may be that my sons
have sinned, and cursed God in their hearts.”  (Job1:5)  So in other words, Job wanted and
tried to set apart his children unto God through dedication and consecration.  But the reality of
it all, is that our children must acknowledge God and work out their own soul salvation with
fear and trembling (Phil.2:12)

Now, how does God sanctify?

-By His Truth (Jn.17:17-19;II Thess.2:13; I Tim.4:5)
-Wholly (If you’ll obey the commands, the God of peace will sanctify you, set you apart,
wholly for His service and will)  I Thess.5:23
-with His Blood Covenant (Heb.10:29; 13:12)
-By the Holy Ghost (Rom.15:16; I Cor.6:11)

How is sanctification brought about?

-By accepting Christ, sanctification is made available…for He’s our sanctification!
But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and
sanctification, and redemption: (I Cor.1:30; see also II Thess.2:13)

-When possession of your body in holiness is evidential, obvious, or “living and seeing proof”  
(I Thess.4:3-4)

-When one accepts salvation and receives it, sanctification is made possible (II Thess.2:13)

-When one is made a new creature (I Pet1:2’ II Cor5:17-18; Eph.4:22-24)

A personal note from your In The Gap Family:
We want you to know that your sanctification is on-going…making your life, your mind, body,
spirit, soul, and your possessions sanctified unto God and His service is and can be very
progressive!  This makes life serving the One and Most Holy God that much more exciting and
spiritually rewarding!  Take pleasure in being sanctified or “looking to become sanctified,” set
apart and made clean or Holy unto God for Him and His

Friend, be assured of your sanctification!  If you can see yourself in the following scriptures, and
find that you’re aligned with the word, then believe God and what He says, for His Holy name’s
sake…And just hold fast and true to the fact that you’re SANCTIFIED!  

See what Jesus stated:  Mt. 10:22,19:27-29; 25:46; Mk. 10:29-30; Lk.21:36; Jn.4:36; 6:27; 12:25; 14:
See what Paul stated:  Acts 26:18; Rom.2:7-10; 5:21; 6:22-23; 8:17-18,23-25; 13:11 (just name a
few statements Paul made concerning sanctification)