“Stay Right There and Don’t Let Go!”
                                                   Are You Expecting?

                                                                Before we get into our lesson, let’s take a look at a Believer’s prayer life and
                                                                importance.  If we can simply believe in our God, His Sovereignty, Omniscience,
                                                                Omnipresence, and His Omnipotence, there is and would not be anything that
                                                                you cannot do in this natural arena.  Mark 9:23 Jesus declares, “If thou canst
                                                                believe, all things are possible….”  There is absolutely no circumstance you
                                                                cannot change..  And certainly there’s no problem you cannot influence.  The
                                                                only limitations God has, are the ones that we place on Him!  Hear me!  Again, I say,
God is limited solely by the borders in which we place upon Him and all He’s capable of doing.  Try to remember this very
important and simple thing:  He’s Sovereign!  He’s God and fortunately, we’re NOT!  If we question His willingness, doubt His
abilities, or even your own worthiness, you constrict the flow of His miracle-working power.  
You see, we don’t just rob God in our tithes and offerings (see Mal. 3:10).  But truthfully, we oftentimes rob God of the very
essence of who and what He really is.  This holds true when we go to God in prayer and walk away feeling unworthy, guilty,
untouched, not heard, and most of all, less assured than when you first knelt down.  Know this my friend, God illustrated all
willingness when He sent His Son (who too, willingly hung on the cross).  He gave us all worthiness by the blood He shed
there for you, me, and all humanity.  Moreover, friend, you have been justified by your faith in Him.  “Therefore, we conclude
that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.” (see Romans 3:28) If the truth be told, it’s not a matter of what
God can do.  But it’s a matter of what you really can believe!  Look what God says to the
sold-out, Born-Again Believers in
Isaiah 65:23-24:  “….They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth for trouble; for they are the seed of the blessed of the LORD,
and their offspring with them.
And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet
speaking, I will hear.
 (see also Isa.30:19; 58:9; Jer.33:3; Matt.6:8)
You have to be willing to put up a fight for what your believing God for!  This means, Labor.  Labor and travail in prayer!  
Some of us are barren and lacking in fruit, because we don’t want to pray under the divine initiative of God and the Holy
Spirit.  We don’t want to harness, discipline, or condition our rotten-ole’ flesh!  Therefore, we constrain God from placing a
seed of faith or expectation in our womb that will explode into our long-awaited miracle.
Some of us have been expecting, or shall I say, carrying our “spiritually-unborn” babies for a long time.  Our pregnancy is
quite overdue! Do you even know when you first conceived?  Our Heavenly Doctor will know.  He’s not full of flaws like our
earthly doctors.  When He says your pregnant, it’s so!  When He says it’s time for delivery, it’s so! Is it possible that
somewhere down the line, somebody miscalculated
YOUR due date? For something just don’t quite fit the equation and
nothing seems to add up!  Something is surely missing!  Could it be your level of expectancy?
It must occur to us that we cannot and sometimes don’t move things, because we simply, don’t move God! We have to come
before His presence with thanksgiving, praise, faith, and expectancy (not particularly in this order).  Dare not kneel before
Him without these things.  Kneel before Him knowing and recognizing His Sovereignty.  When you kneel before Him on the
contrary, you make your kneeling and prayers in vain (worthless and unprofitable).
So, Get In Place!  Seek His Face!…And Stay Right There!  We’re not responsible to perform our own miracles or (bring forth
our “spiritual babies).  But we’re required to initiate our miracle by displaying our faith, by getting in position, bearing down,
and pushing (travail).  

Reflection Point:  Faith just won’t work without corresponding actions.(see James 2:26)

Study Some Of Our Biblical
“Action-League Heroes”
Jacob wrestled with an Angel (God).  Notice how Jacob stayed right there “until the breaking of day!” Genesis 32:24
Naaman the Leper II Kings 5:10-14
Woman with the Issue Luke 8:43-48 (You just don’t reach for something, unless you “expect” to get it or grab hold of
A Widow Woman Here, Jesus speaks a parable of a Judge.  (Luke 18:1-8)

OH!  My friend, we just have to now, acquaint ourselves with our Savior and be at peace: as Job declared (22:21) thereby
good shall come unto thee.  For it is God which worketh I you, both to “will” and “to do” of His own good pleasure (Phil. 2:13).  
So fear not little flock, for it is my Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom (Luke 12:32)…. And I will give you the
treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places that you may know that I am Lord (Isa.45:3).  He will also bring to
light, the hidden things of darkness
(I Cor.4:5).


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Just Get In Place, and Seek The Master’s Face!
Build Yourself An Altar!
Get In Your Secret Closet!…..
For The Lord God Wants A Habitation Right There Where You Are
To Display His Many Acts of Wonders and Glory!!

“But thou when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut door, pray to thy Father which is in secret;
and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”
Matthew 6:6