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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the
word of their testimony;........ Rev. 12:11
Back in 1994, God spared my life from the hands of the enemy.  I was 21 years old and I couldn’t swim, but decided to go
anyway.  I went with my friend that would later become my wife.  As I entered into the deeper part of the pool,
(unknowingly), I started to go under and I didn’t want to call for help.  By the time I finally decided to let my friend know
that I was in trouble, it was already too late.  She tried and tried to help me, but she couldn’t hold me up…  I kept falling in
and out of consciousness…  Finally, she went to get help after she realized she couldn’t save me, and I thought to
myself, “Oh God!… she’s leaving me!”  As I floated away, half submerged from the bottom of the pool and the top, I tried
to wave goodbye to her, thinking I’d never see her again.  Now it was just God and me…  At the age of twelve, I was
saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost, so I knew God, but I had turned my back on him a long time ago. I had
not sincerely prayed in years, but now I had no choice. I said, “God please don’t let me die in this water because I can’t
beat this water.  Please don’t let me die here… As I lay in the water-still submerged and talking to God, I began to see a
bright light, and as the light got brighter, I began to feel warm all over and at peace…  Slowly, I felt myself going…  Then
suddenly, I was suspended in utter darkness!  I knew that I was on my way to Hell because I wasn’t right with God.  I
started to plead with God to “… please, please God give me one more chance.”  I could see that bright light- now a great
distance from me and I knew that it was God.  As I pleaded with God to give me another chance, a voice spoke and said,
“What about all the other chances that I gave you?”  I kept begging and pleading with God saying that I would serve him
and to please give me another chance.  All of a sudden, I heard “… we got a pulse, we got a pulse…”  I could feel the
rescue workers pick me up, and I could hear the policeman, and the sirens, but I couldn’t open my eyes for some reason.  
When I got to the hospital and the doctors examined me, they told me that I had received a miracle, and that I had
something here to do because the human brain can only live about 9-10 minutes without oxygen, and according to them,
I was under water for over fourteen minutes. That’s why I couldn’t open my eyes at first because the whites of my eyes
were filled with blood.  My heart stopped beating completely and my blood had become still in my body.  When God
revived me, the blood starting flowing again, and it leaked into my eyes.  The doctors gave me 3 breathing apparatuses
and couldn’t find one drop of water in my lungs!  Glory be to God!!!……..  It took me 11 LONG years after my deathly
experience to finally submit myself to God.  But that just goes to show how long-suffering he truly is, not willing that any
man should die, but that all would come to repentance.  Thank you God for all you’ve done for me!  Not only am I saved,
sanctified, baptized, and filled with his precious Holy Ghost, but also I am now running for my life as though my life
depended on it, and it really does.  May God bless you… this is my testimony.
Hi, my name is Michael Keel and I am a living testimony!!
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I was born on 12th February,1960 into an muslim family.My father, Yisa Oriola Abisoye was a notable islamic cleric, while
my mother was a daughter of an Ifa Oracle Priest(an herbalist). Unfortunately, I lost my father when I was only two years
old. My mother had to re-marry to another muslim husband.

I attended an Islamic Primary School, and I was a practising muslim.

My stepfather was not interested in my schooling, but I insisted on schooling, my mother had to sell her jeweries and
clothes in order to send me up to Modern School. From where God assisted me to sponsor myself for Secondary and
University education.

I left my mother in the village for the city so as to look for a white-collar job.

Though unconverted, I started to attend a Catholic church through a friend in 1979, where i was baptised and adopted  
the name Charles.

I later entered the Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife, to read Political Science in 1984. In 1985 I became a Marxist            
( a follower of the philosophy of Karl Marx) and of course, an atheist, because a Marxist believes there is no God. We
used to discuss the philosophy of Dialectical Materialism, which says, "out of nothing you cannot create anything". So to
us the story of creationism was a ruse.  In 1987 I also became the Students Union leader of the University.

I finished my degree program in 1988 and joined the workers Marxist group. This is a continuation of my membership of a
Marxist group in the University.I later became a workers union leader.

I met my wife in 1992 and we married in 1993, and I started to attend her church, Baptist Church. Though I was listening
to sermon every other Sunday, it had no serious effect on the way I live my life. I still fornicate, drank alcoholic drinks and
so many other things that is not expected of a child of God that I thought I was.

In 1997/98 I ventured into politics. Between 1999-2003, I was appointed the Special Assistant ( Youth and Sports)to the
then Executive Governor of Oyo State. My venture into politics made me corrupt the more. Despite the fact that I was
making a lot of money, but I would not pay my thithe.

In 2003, I contested the Federal House of Representatives election but lost, despite the fact that I spent more than two
hundred thousand naira for herbalists on rituals so as to win the elections. After loosing the election, I was now desperate
to acquire more satanic power. In that very year, I got innitiated as  a follower of Traditional Ifa Oracle ( a secret cult that
has the witches as the backbone, but herbalists are the ritual leaders). I spent three days in the bush with only a white
spread sheet tied on my body like they do during pilgrimage rituals in Mecca.

I hid everything from my wife,but she suspected me and she and other brethren continued to pray to God to save my soul.

I finally gave my life to Christ in October,2004. I did baptism by immersion and picked the name Jacob against my muslim
name, Yaqub.

After giving my life to Christ, I read some books on fasting, I then decided to go on fasting. When I first started, it was very
difficult for me, but by the grace of God I later got used to it. Infact, it was during this long fasting that the high blood
pressure that I have managing for years disappeared!

My ambition now is to spend the rest of my life on evangelism and winning souls for Christ.

Contact Info.
Jacob Abisoye  
G.P.O.Box 17532
Ibadan, Nigeria
Mobile:+2348023234373  or
Jacob and Debera
Ibadan, Nigeria
                                                                                                            It was one warm, what I thought, normal summer morning July 1995. I was       
                                                                                                           on the way to school, my senior year with my then 7 month old daughter.  
                                                                                                           That day when I left home I did not know it was very close to being our last
                                                                                                           day here on this earth. I glanced at my daughter for just a second in the back
                                                                                                           seat of my car. When I turned back around I ran off the side of the road and
                                                                                                           was about to hit a mailbox, to keep from hitting the mailbox, I quickly tried to
                                                                                                            correct myself and ended up over correcting. My thought was it's over for me!
                                                                                                           I ran off the road and hit a tree going 65 MPH. My car smoking badly, I thought
                                                                                                           it was going to catch on fire. I was miraculously able to get out of the car and
                                                                                                           run to the highway for help. I was very bloody could barely see, couldn't    
                                                                                                           talk, bottom lip cut in half, part of my tongue gone, forehead split open to
                                                                                                           where my skull was showing....all I could do was just moan and point for help
                                                                                                           trying to let someone know my daughter was in the car or may have been         
                                                                                                           thrown out of the car because I couldn't find her. Someone stopped to help
                                                                                                          and he looked inside the car there she was as if she had been placed
underneath the passenger seat strategically out of harms way. The impact threw her out of her car seat which could have been so much worse. The
gentlemen picked her up and shook her, he didn't know whether she was dead or alive. I later found out she was knocked unconscious. The back of
her skull was cracked three inches long. Doctor's told me she would have brain swelling and could possibly have seizures the rest of her life. I
suffered broken jawbone on both sides. The broken jaw bone called for surgery to wire my teeth shut for three months. I could only consume liquid.
Over the three months much weight loss occurred. It was said to be that I was on drugs. I could not see for about 5 days due to swelling from the
impact of my face hitting the steering wheel of the car...which broken in half. The pictures you see may appear that I am asleep, I was not, my eyes
were swollen shut. I did not look in a mirror for 1 month. I could hear whispers of my very own family members coming into the hospital room to visit,
saying, sorry I have the wrong room, some of them left crying. While in the hospital I received phones several times stating, "She won't be called
pretty girl anymore." People would laugh when they saw me and say you look like someone I know, and the whole time they knew exactly who I was!
But by GOD'S Grace and Mercy, he made me completely over in four weeks. Doctor's said it could take up to three months to heal!!!! At that time I
was not professing Christ, but a few months after the life changing accident I gave my life to him. My friend I encourage you not to wait until trauma,
turmoil, tragedy knocks on your door to dedicate your life to the one who created you! It was almost too late for me! I encourage you to give your life
to him today, tomorrow is not promised, 1 day is as a thousand years unto The Lord! Can I tell you my Mother called me a few days later and
informed me that the same exact car accident happened to a family of four, but no one survived!!!! That could have been me!!!! I'm a living testimony
that God will make you over in the spirit was as well as the natural! Need help finding your way to Christ; Romans 10:9-10; (9)That if thou shalt
confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. (10) For with the
heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.